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The Chocolate Hills – A Sweet Experience in Bohol

The Chocolate Hills is an exemplary display of nature’s outstanding artwork.  Its unusual geophysical appearance is composed of 1,268 scattered hills that blend together to form one great picture of harmony.  What’s astonishing about these hills is the fact that they come in almost the same sizes which make the view so unique among other tourist spots in the world.  The Chocolate Hills has a land area of 50 square kilometers covering the municipalities of Carmen, Batuan and Sagbayan in the province of Bohol.  A local folklore suggests that the mountains were formed due to two rival giants who threw huge stones at each other.  After their nonsense battle, they just left their mess behind.

As kids would initially think that they are really made of chocolates, these mountains are actually composed of limestone, shaped by wind and erosion over the years to form the cone-like effect on each.  During summer, the green hills would gradually turn brown, giving them their chocolate-like appearance.  This phenomenon is the primary reason why the venue is called “The Chocolate Hills”. It has recently climbed onto the 9th spot, making it a top contender in the New 7 Wonders of Nature.

The hills provide a perfect opportunity for picture-taking.  Visitors can avail of the telescopes around the vicinity should they wish to see the hills at a closer perspective.  These telescopes are situated on two of the highest hills to give tourist a perfect elevation for sight-seeing.  Aside from the hills, there are a lot more things to explore in Bohol.  Such things include:


These tiny nocturnal creatures may look scary on pictures because of their intimidating huge eyes.  But once you get to meet them face to face, you would wish to bring one home.  Tourists are not expected to touch them because of their nocturnal nature.  Meaning, they are active at night time and sleeping at daytime.  The fact that the tarsiers are close to extinction, capturing them is strictly prohibited by the local government.  The tarsiers are the smallest species of monkeys on the entire planet.  They hang on branches, silently watching the tourists pass by.

River Cruise Lunch

Having lunch while on a water raft is one of the things to try out in Bohol.  With the delicious cuisines on the buffet, the experience will certainly make your eyes and your stomach full because of the marvelous sceneries you get to see along the Loboc River.  A singer is usually onboard to serenade tourists while playing his guitar.

Whale and Dolphin Watching

Bohol serves as a main route for some migratory species of whales and dolphins.  Having the chance to see these gentle giants of the sea is enough to bring you home with a smile.  The presence of these creatures brings so much excitement and thrill which make the experience an unforgettable one.  Whale and dolphin watching has now been an in demand activity in Bohol and many fishermen, who used to be whale hunters, can guide you to the best spots where these gigantic creatures usually assemble.


Bohol offers numerous hotels and accommodations after getting tired for the whole day’s wonderful experience.  Below is a list of hotels to choose from with their corresponding rates.

  1. Flushing Meadows Resort & Playground-This is one of the best options to stay in the area.  Prices start at US$105.00.
  2. Eskaya Beach Resort & Spa– This hotel also offers a very good accommodation starting at the price of US$438.00
  3. Soledad Suites– This hotel is one of the cheapest accommodations to avail.  If you want to save money without sacrificing the value of the experience, this hotel is a good option.  Rates start at US$35.00.


From Manila, a plane going to Cebu is a good option.  From Cebu, ferries transport the passengers to Tagbilaran City Port at a total of 9 trips everyday.  It is much recommended to check first their schedules to ensure a continuous journey.  Furthermore, Sunday trips to Bohol are usually fully booked so it is advisable to make reservations ahead of time.

However, passengers from Manila can go directly to Bohol via Tagbilaran airport which has been undergoing improvements to accommodate bigger aircrafts such as the B-737 of the Philippine Airlines.  The modernization of the airport is brought about by the increasing number of visitors every year.